About Us

I have always loved dolls!  My father, Starkey McCullough, (1914-1977) told me a story of me being 18 months old.  We were living in Brooklyn, New York at the time.  He had taken me to one of the neighborhood stores and among his purchases was a little doll for me.  He said that he thought he was never going to get me back to the house, because I hassled him all the way down the street to give me my doll! 

Dolls were a very big part of my Christmas celebrations as a child and I only stopped having them around at the age of eleven or twelve when the other kids appeared surprised to see me with dolls...  God forbid that I be weird or different!

Growing up, being blessed with a son, and a career with  "The Telephone Company" took me completely away from dolls.  Then one day at work in 1981, a co-worker and friend, Carolyn Bovender, was making Raggedy Anns for her granddaughters.  She would work on them at lunch time every day.  I was so mesmerized that I could not even get myself something to eat.

From that day on, I have been either collecting materials, reading and collecting books, taking small classes, or making dolls.  I still didn't have the time that I needed to really get into it...  And then one day after 39 years with "The Telephone Company".

I retired.  Life is good!  I get to do something that I absolutely love...  To God be the Glory!